March 2022 Minutes


Present:  Councillors John Taylor (Chairman), Mrs Sarah Bates (Vice Chair), Keith Johnson, Ms Sue Pullen, Vernon Stuffins, Mike Taylor, Chris Thatcher

County Councillor Ian Fleetwood, District Councillor Mrs Anne Welburn

Clerk Mrs Christine Myers


None raised.


None submitted.


None declared.


These had been submitted in advance of the meeting and are attached to these minutes.

DC Mrs Anne Welburn stated that the Local Plan was now going into consultation process and had forwarded maps of the latest proposals of land put forward for housing for the Cherry Willingham Ward.   This would be an item for discussion at the next Parish Council meeting.


That these be signed as a correct record proposed by Councillor Vernon Stuffins, seconded by Councillor Mrs Sarah Bates and Resolved.


A  Correspondence received since last meeting as listed below:

*Sent to residents email list

4.1.2022 – LALC Weekly News
5.1.2022 – LCC Highways newsletter
6.1.2022 – The Chase play area inspection report 30.12.2021
7.1.2022 – WYPF Pension Matters
7.1.2022 – WYPF _ Notice of employer engagement forum 24.2.2022
*10.1.2022 – LCC Notification of temporary traffic restriction, West Drive 31/1/2022 to 4/2/2022
11.1.2022 – LALC E News
13.1.2022 – Information from the ICO
14.1.2021 – DC Anne Welburn’s report for January
18.1.2021 – LALC Weekly News
19.1.2022 – LCC invitation to join County Views panel
24.1.2021 – WLDC  PC Newsletter edition 9
25.1.2021 – LALC Weekly E News
25.1.2021 – Notice of WYPF Annual Employer meeting
27.1.2022 -  WLDC Private Rented Sector - Selective Licensing Consultation
31.1.2022 – Invitation to join LALC Annual Training Scheme
1.2.2022 – LALC Weekly E news
1.2.2022 – LCC Highways Newsletter
3.2.2022 – WYPF Pension newsletter
*4.2.2022 – Notice of temporary Traffic restriction Westfield Drive 1.3.2022 – 3.3.2022
4.2.2022 – Queens Platinum Jubilee newsletter from LCC
9.2.2022 – LALC Weekly E News
10.2.2022 – Latest news from the ICO
*11.2.2022 – CC I Fleetwood February brief
14.2.2022 – News from Great British Spring Clean
15.2.2022 – LALC Weekly News
22.2.2022 – LALC Weekly E News
2.3.2022 – LALC Weekly E News
*2.3.2022 – Anglian Water notification of virtual event to inform residents of the new pipeline between Elsham and Lincoln
3.3.2022 – Lincolnshire Highways newsletter 

B   Pedestrian Crossing – County Councillor Ian Fleetwood stated that this would be raised at a    meeting at LCC during the next week in order to progress the project.

C   Community Speedwatch – The equipment had now been received and the post fitted.  County Councillor Ian Fleetwood offered to programme and fit the sign to the post.

D   To consider registering a permissive path – reply from Nettleham Parish Council – Response from the landowner being that ‘they would like to hold off agreeing to the extension as currently the public aren’t keeping to the current footpaths, and walking all over the land’.

E   Gate at The Chase – It was confirmed that new posts and fence had been fitted but some bolts required tightening.  The Chairman would do this.

F   To receive and take any action regarding the Email from Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire regarding the Big Lunch to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee – This was noted but pointed out that the Parish Council were hoping to plant trees to commemorate the event.

G   Land near to the bypass for tree planting – update and acquisition of trees – Permission would need to be sought from LCC, the land being in its possession.  The clerk would complete the form and it would be necessary to purchase a map of the site.  When permission was gained Councillor Mrs Sarah Bates would source trees, possibly from the Woodland Trust. All unanimously Resolved.

123 – 21/22  FINANCE

A   National Pay Award for Clerks agreed at 1.75% - to approve payment to Clerk backdated to 1.4.2021 – That this be approved unanimously Resolved.

B   To consider joining the LALC Annual Training Scheme at a cost of £132.00 – That the courses be paid for on an ‘as and when’ basis for the time being unanimously Resolved.

C   To ratify payments made since last meeting and to approve accounts due:-

Elancity-UK – Proforma invoice for radar speed sign - £1968.78 net, £393.76 = £2362.54
Mrs C Myers – Expenses – £15.70
Sudbrooke Village Hall – room hire £15.00
EKM – Play equipment check 27.1.2022 - £50.00
Staff costs Salary/Pension payments/Tax – £489.64 
EKM – 1 play area inspection - £50.00 net, £10.00 VAT, Gross £60.00
Lincolnshire County Council – reactive speed post - £200.00
LDL Decorating – painting of bus shelter - £420.00
Mrs C Myers – Clerks expenses – £15.70
*Staff costs Salary/Pension payments/Tax - £591.52
*To be paid 31.3.2022

That approval given for payment of all the accounts, already paid or to be paid, unanimously Resolved.

D  To consider the draft Grants Awarding Policy circulated by the Clerk – That this Policy be adopted unanimously Resolved.

124 – 21/22  PLANNING

A   Application 144182/amended plans - Planning application for proposed side catslide dormers - 5 Stocking Way Lincoln Lincolnshire LN2 4FX – To ratify comments sent to WLDC – ‘No objections’.

B   Application 144285 - Application for approval of reserved matters for phase 2 of Greetwell Fields, comprising of 340no. dwellings and associated infrastructure – considering appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline planning permission 132932 granted 06 May 2016 - Land to South of St Augustine Road, Greetwell Fields Lincoln  LN2 4FX -  To ratify comments sent to WLDC - ‘Due to the time between meetings it has not been possible for the application to be an agenda item.   However under delegated powers I (the Clerk) have submitted it by email to all Councillors, and those able to view the documents have no objections to the application’.

C   Draft Order: EM/4991 - Proposed variation at Greetwell Fields Lane, St Augustine 
 Road, Lincoln LN2 4FH – No comment

That the above comments be ratified unanimously Resolved.


Both Councillors commented that the training received had been informative and interesting. 

126 – 21/22  CLERKS REPORT

The Clerk reported that a new Model Code of Conduct for Councillors had been adopted  by WLDC and all Parish Councillors were asked to consider the Code for adoption – this would be an agenda item for the next meeting of the Parish Council.


The Chairman requested that all Councillors familiarise themselves with the Local Plan and those areas of land in the parish earmarked as potential development land in order to be able to formulate a response.

128 – 21/22  DATE OF NEXT MEETING 

Annual Parish Meeting – Monday 4 April 2022, 7.30pm, Bramham Lounge, Sudbrooke Village Hall, followed by Parish Council meeting at 7.45pm.


This item had been dealt with under Minute number 122 A.



District Councillor Anne Welburn’s report March 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee funding project is doing well with applications from a wide range of parishes for very diverse activities. WL have awarded £7,090 out of the original £20,000 budget to the high number of applications already received with another twenty-five in the pipeline.

The final closing date for applications is Sunday 15 March 2022.

In partnership with, West Lindsey District Council is offering discounted compost bins for residents.

Composting has countless benefits, and Spring is the perfect time to get started! The process simply involves recycling your daily plant and food waste, along with any other organic materials you can find.

This can include grass cuttings, unwanted plants, organic kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds and even the contents of your vacuum. Together, these will naturally decompose over time in our specialised compost bins to produce a ready-made mixture rich in nutrients to feed your soil and nourish your garden.

To encourage residents to start composting, West Lindsey District Council has partnered with to offer Home Compost Bins at special prices, starting from £22.50 with an additional Buy One Get One Half Price offer on all Blackwell Compost bins. 

Home compost bins, together with a range of special offer water butts and additional accessories can be ordered via the Get Composting website- Opens in a new window, or through calling 0844 571 4444. *Please note calls are charged at a premium rate*

 For general information on recycling and waste in West Lindsey including tips to help you minimise the amount of waste you produce, please visit our Recycling pages.

West Lindsey’s Environment and Sustainability Action Plan has been assessed in a study published by an independent environmental campaign group. The group examined every council in the country on their climate action plans, with West Lindsey District Council being in the top 50% nationwide.

The full Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy and action plan can be read on WL website.

Climate Emergency UK assessed local authorities using Council Climate Plan Scorecards, an assessment of every UK council’s Climate Action Plan, against several criteria of excellence.

The Scorecards project uses data from CAPE (Climate Action Plan Explorer) which was then marked against Climate Emergency UK’s own Action Plans checklist. The checklist was created with advice from Ashden, The Centre for Alternative Technology, APSE and Friends of the Earth – organisations that WLDC drew from when constructing their own strategy and action plan, which was unanimously approved at Council in June 2021.

Cllr. Ian Fleetwood's – February's brief:

The latest on, what’s happening in the public sector in Lincolnshire.

Revised budget proposals for 2022/23:

Despite an increase in our government funding, the council will continue to face significant financial challenges over the next few years with a shortfall of around £22m over the following three financial years. We know this is also a difficult time for many families, with rising inflation and energy prices. However, it’s important that we protect the frontline services our residents rely on. We estimate our adult care costs will increase by around £13.5m in 2022/23. Therefore, we are proposing a 3% increase in our adult care precept to help cover this. Meanwhile, it seems unlikely that government will reverse last year’s £12m cut in highways funding. We know that good roads are a priority for residents, so we have little choice but to step in again and plug the gap. As a result, we are now proposing a 2 percent increase in general council tax to help make up the shortfall.

White Paper on “Levelling Up” – what does it mean?

The reality is that the strategy is a good one and sets the Vision, how to fund such a Vision will be the challenge. Only by working closer with our partners and neighbours across public sectors, re-designing organisation and services, being innovative and stimulating, developing and growing the private sector is needed for this Vision to really deliver.

Lincolnshire's ten great reasons for devolution:

Deliver infrastructure for:

1. Strategic growth and jobs in key sectors
2. Green recovery and a low carbon Lincolnshire
3. Transport that connects people to jobs and places
4. Unlocking housing and sustainable growth
5. Managing our unique rural environment
Develop skills and opportunity by:
6. Skills culture that promotes aspiration across Lincolnshire
7. Growing skills needed for future jobs in key sectors
8. Creating pathways and apprenticeships into new jobs
9. Increasing employment opportunities and productivity
10. Accelerating innovation, research and technology

View Lincolnshire’s draft devolution prospectus (subject to it going through the Council’s governance arrangements and final approval).

New pilot is recipe for more nutritious school meals:

Lincolnshire County Council has been chosen for a government pilot project aimed at ensuring school meals meet national guidance, supporting pupils’ health and wellbeing.

As part of the government’s levelling-up plans, the Department of Education and Food Standards Agency will explore whether local authority food safety inspections can be used to check school food standards are being met. The pilot is expected to go live in September.

The government’s plans for school food also include £5 million to launch a new national cooking curriculum and training, which includes an ambition for every child to know at least six basic recipes by the time they leave secondary school. Schools will also be encouraged to publish a ‘food statement’ explaining their whole-school approach to food, a move that will eventually become mandatory.

LCC’s Highways Campaign:

Our ‘Fix Our Funds To Fix Our Roads’ campaign for £12m of roads maintenance budget to be reinstated by the government is attracting tremendous support.

Please play your part by using our new ‘Fix Our Funds To Fix Our Roads’ Microsoft Teams background in your online meetings.  See our Microsoft Teams Backgrounds ( page for the artwork and instructions on how to upload the background.
Further details are available at: 

County council draft budget shows highways funding gap for 2022/23

Changes to the Highway Code:

If you are a road user or you’re learning to drive, you’ll need to be aware of the changes to the Highway Code. The new changes are aimed at improving safety for all, but particularly cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders. You can find out more about the changes here:

Getting Active:

If you’re new to getting active, starting to move more can be daunting. Find ideas and resources to support you in our Move More section. From cycling, walking to running, whether looking to participate or promote your activities for other to join go to:

The Collection Museum – Space to Earth:

Explore our planet like never before with the new exhibition coming to Lincoln’s Collection Museum from Saturday 5 March. For this exhibition, The Collection is asking visitors to ‘Pay-What-You-Decide’ to enable as many people as possible to experience this phenomenal artwork. 

Plan your visit to The Collection at, or find The Collection and Usher Gallery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.