March 2022 Agenda


Mrs C M Myers
Clerk to the Council
94 Jubilee Close
Jubilee Park
Cherry Willingham

Tel:  07594 295457

A meeting of Greetwell Parish Council will be held on Monday 14 March 2022 commencing at 7.30pm, in the Bramham lounge of the Sudbrooke Village Hall, Scothern Lane, Sudbrooke LN2 2QJ

Residents are welcome to attend.


1   Parishioners Items  

2   To receive apologies and reasons given.

3   To receive declarations of interest on any items on the agenda

4   County/District Councillors reports if received

5   Notes of meeting held on 10 January 2022 for approval and to be signed by the Chairman as minutes.

6   Correspondence and reports 

A   Correspondence received since last meeting as per list below:-  

*Sent to residents email list

4.1.2022 – LALC Weekly News
5.1.2022 – LCC Highways newsletter
6.1.2022 – The Chase play area inspection report 30.12.2021
7.1.2022 – WYPF Pension Matters
7.1.2022 – WYPF _ Notice of employer engagement forum 24.2.2022
*10.1.2022 – LCC Notification of temporary traffic restriction, West Drive 31/1/2022 to 4/2/2022
11.1.2022 – LALC E News
13.1.2022 – Information from the ICO
14.1.2021 – DC Anne Welburn’s report for January
18.1.2021 – LALC Weekly News
19.1.2022 – LCC invitation to join County Views panel
24.1.2021 – WLDC  PC Newsletter edition 9
25.1.2021 – LALC Weekly E News
25.1.2021 – Notice of WYPF Annual Employer meeting
27.1.2022 -  WLDC Private Rented Sector - Selective Licensing Consultation
31.1.2022 – Invitation to join LALC Annual Training Scheme
1.2.2022 – LALC Weekly E news
1.2.2022 – LCC Highways Newsletter
3.2.2022 – WYPF Pension newsletter
*4.2.2022 – Notice of temporary Traffic restriction Westfield Drive 1.3.2022 – 3.3.2022
4.2.2022 – Queens Platinum Jubilee newsletter from LCC
9.2.2022 – LALC Weekly E News
10.2.2022 – Latest news from the ICO
*11.2.2022 – CC I Fleetwood February brief
14.2.2022 – News from Great British Spring Clean
15.2.2022 – LALC Weekly News
22.2.2022 – LALC Weekly E News
2.3.2022 – LALC Weekly E News
*2.3.2022 – Anglian Water notification of virtual event to inform residents of the new pipeline between Elsham and Lincoln
3.3.2022 – Lincolnshire Highways newsletter 

B     Pedestrian Crossing – Anything further to report

C     Community Speedwatch – To consider fitting of equipment

D     Possibility of registering a permissive path – reply from Nettleham Parish Council

E     Gate at The Chase - update

F     To receive and take any action regarding the email from Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire regarding the Big Lunch to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee

G      Land near to bypass for tree planting – update and acquisition of trees

7      Finance:-

A     National Pay Award for Clerks agreed at 1.75% - to approve payment to Clerk backdated to 1.4.2021

B     To consider joining the LALC Annual Training Scheme at a cost of £132.00

C     To ratify payments made since last meeting and to approve accounts due

D     To consider the draft Grants Awarding Policy circulated by the Clerk
8      Planning:-

A    Application 144182/amended plans - Planning application for proposed side catslide dormers - 5 Stocking Way Lincoln Lincolnshire LN2 4FX – To ratify comments sent to WLDC – ‘No objections’.

B    Application 144285 - Application for approval of reserved matters for phase 2 of Greetwell Fields, comprising of 340no. dwellings and associated infrastructure – considering   appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline planning permission 132932 granted 06 May 2016 - Land to South of St Augustine Road, Greetwell Fields Lincoln  LN2 4FX -  To ratify comments sent to WLDC - ‘Due to the time between meetings it has not been possible for the application to be an agenda item.   However under delegated powers I (the Clerk) have submitted it by email to all Councillors, and those able to view the documents have no objections to the application’.

C    Draft Order: EM/4991 - Proposed variation at Greetwell Fields Lane, St Augustine Road, Lincoln LN2 4FH

9     Report from Councillors Ms Sue Pullen and Vernon Stuffins on Councillor training attended 8.2.22

10   Clerks Report

11   Chairman’s Comments

12   Date of next meeting – Annual Parish Meeting -  Monday, 4 April 2022, 7.30pm, Bramham Lounge, Sudbrooke Village Hall. Followed by Parish Council meeting at 7.45pm.

13   To Resolve to moved into closed session to discuss staffing matters.

Signed   C M Myers     
Clerk to the Council   7.3.2022