December 2022 Agenda


Mrs C M Myers
Clerk to the Council
94 Jubilee Close
Jubilee Park
Cherry Willingham

Tel:  07594 295457

A meeting of Greetwell Parish Council will be held on Monday 5 December 2022 commencing at 7.30pm, in the Bramham lounge, Sudbrooke Village Hall, Scothern Lane, Sudbrooke LN2 2QJ

Residents are welcome to attend.


1     Parishioners Items  

2     To receive apologies and reasons given.

3     To receive declarations of interest on any items on the agenda

4     County/District Councillors reports if received

5     Notes of meeting held on 7 November 2022 for approval and to be signed by the Chairman as minutes.

6     Correspondence and reports 

A     Correspondence received since last meeting as per list below:-  

*Sent to residents email list:-

3.11.2022 -  News from the ICO
*4.11.2022 – CC Ian Fleetwood’s brief for November
4.11.2022 -  Notification from Webmaster of 3.33 hours time remaining till March for website maintenance
7.11.2022 – LALC Weekly E News
9.11.2022 -  LCC Fix My Street acknowledgement of standing water in bus layby
10.11.2022 -  WLDC Instructions on reporting of Cils monies received and spent
10.11.2022 – LCC Fix My Street issued work re standing water in bus layby to delivery gang
*11.11.2022 – WLDC Parish News
14.11.2022 -  LALC Weekly E News
18.11.2022 -  LALC Civility and Respect Newsletter 
21.11.2022 -  LALC Weekly E News

B      Street furniture on bypass – reply from LCC if received.

C      Community Speedwatch – Anything to report

7      Councillor Register of Interests – To confirm that these are up to date/correct

8      Finance 

A     To receive Half Yearly Audit Report from Internal Auditor 

B     To receive the LCC Pension Valuation Results and consider approving the rates for the next three years.

C     Accounts paid/for payment/Income

D    To consider quotation received from Glendale Countryside Ltd for cutting the verges on Wragby Road East for the next cutting season. 

E     Reporting of Community Infrastructure Levies monies received and allocation to a parish project

F     To consider and set the Precept for 2023/24

9    Planning 

Application 144453 – 4, 6, 16, 18 and 22 Stocking Way – Change of use from open grassed are to domestic garden land, associated boundary treatments and domestic footpath

10  To receive and approve dates of Parish Council meetings for 2023

11  Clerks Report

12  Chairman’s Comments

13  Date of next meeting –  Monday 9 January 2023, 7.30pm, Bramham Lounge, Sudbrooke Village Hall. 

Signed   C M Myers     
Clerk to the Council