December 2020 Minutes


PRESENT:  Councillors John Taylor (Chairman), Mrs Sarah Bates (Vice Chair)
Joshua Leafe, Mike Taylor, Chris Thatcher
County Councillor Ian Fleetwood
District Councillor Mrs Anne Welburn
Mrs Christine Myers (Clerk)




Councillor Keith Johnson, District Councillors Cherie Hill.  That the reasons given be accepted unanimously Resolved.


None declared.


None received.


CC Ian Fleetwood – November brief attached to these minutes.

District Councillor Mrs Anne Welburn had forwarded information during the month about the new Farewell Service at Leafields Crematorium and the Climate Change Story – WLDC’s desire to be a greener Council.  This information had been circulated to members.


That the notes be a correct record of the meeting and signed as minutes unanimously Resolved.  


a     Correspondence received since last meeting as follows:-
*Sent to resident’s email list

21.10.2020 – Came and Co news
21.10.2020 – LALC News
23.10.2020 – Update on Lincoln bypass works on Fiskerton Road
27.10.2020 LALC News
*27.10.2020 – Energy Costs funding
24.10.2020 – LCC Town and Parish News
2.11.2020 – Press Release confirming that playgrounds remain open
*3.11.2020 – Update on LEB
3.11.2020  - Six points for communication – Breakthrough
*3.11.2020 – Notification of reopening of PROW 133 (From Nettleham Road, Greetwell to Green Lane, Cherry Willingham)
*3.11.2020 – LCC - Birds Eye View of Lincoln bypass
5.11.2020 – WYPF Pension News
5.11.2020 - News from the ICO
10.11.2020 – LALC Weekly News – re change of email addresses for Clerks and Councillors Groups
16.11.2020 – Planning Application 141480 – Notification of refusal from WLDC
16.11.2020 – LCC Covid 19 Community Help Fund
18.11.2020 – Planning application 141480 – Land to the rear of 12 Westfield Avenue - Notification of refusal
18.11.2020 – Play equipment checklists for The Chase
21.11.02020 – Lincolnshire Resilience Forum Communities and Volunteers Newsletter
25.11.2020 – WLDC Press Release that WLDC Finances given Auditors approval
25.11.2020 – WLDC Environment strategy survey

b     Community Speed watch - It was reported that the speed watch could continue even though Greetwell was in Tier 3.

Nettleham Parish Council had forwarded information re their speed indicators which affixed to lamp posts.  Costs for the units were in the region of £2k.  An option of battery or solar could be offered.  

Members felt that more consideration should be given to this scheme and this be an agenda item for the next Parish Council meeting.

c     Pedestrian Crossing – A date for a site meeting was awaited from County Councillor Ian Fleetwood and Paul Little of LCC Highways.  CC Ian Fleetwood would pursue arranging the meeting.

DC Anne Welburn had spoken to the CEO WLDC who would try to have CIL funds released to pay for a crossing.  DC Welburn was thanked for her support.


a     Wragby Road East footpath – requirement for cutting back verge causing narrowing of footpath – It was reported that the footpath was very narrow in places with insufficient space for a mobility scooter, due to the encroachment of the grass.

The Chairman outlined the proposed scheme discussed by LCC Highways in 2019 of making the footpath into a cycleway extension from Kennel Lane to Westfield Approach.

The Clerk was instructed to contact LCC Highways through Fix My Street re the cutting back of the grass, stressing the poor condition of the footway and enquiring about the plans for the cycleway extension project.

County Councillor Ian Fleetwood stated that he would also make enquiries on behalf of the Parish Council.

b    Notification of Works by Anglian Water on Westfield Drive – 14.12.20 – 16.12.20 - This was noted.  Residents had been notified via the email list.

89 – 20/21  FINANCE

The Internal Auditor had confirmed to the Chairman in writing that the accounts to end October 2020 were in order and had been maintained to a high standard.

a   Accounts for payment

Parish Magazine Printing – Greetwell News - £66.55
Mrs B Solly - Internal Audit - £30.00
Mrs C Myers – Reimbursement of purchase of two combination locks for The Chase bollards - £7.74
Mrs C Myers – Reimbursement of purchase of two combination locks for The Chase play area gate, one spare - £7.74
Mrs C Myers – Reimbursement for purchase of toner cartridges – £37.11, VAT £7.42, £44.54
Mrs C Myers – Expenses November – Mileage £5.40, Postage £2.60, Telephone/broadband - £12.68 = £20.68
EKM Ltd – Play equipment inspections from 18/82020 – 25/11.2020 - £140.00 net, £28.00 VAT, gross £168.00
Mrs C Myers – Clerks salary and pension payments

That the above payments be made unanimously Resolved.

b.  To discuss quotation for Grass cutting/Grounds maintenance for the 2021 season – The current contractors had provided a quotation for the forthcoming season with a minimal percentage increase, which had been copied to all Councillors.  

That the quotation be accepted from Glendale Countryside Ltd, they being a local reliable company who had served the parish reliably unanimously Resolved.

c.  To discuss and agree the budget and Precept upon West Lindsey District Council 2021/22

Administration, Clerks Salary, Superannuation, Clerks expenses, LALC membership, stationery/printer cartridges, Training Courses for Councillors, Room hire for meetings (nil)
Information Commissioners Fee    =   £6935.00
Insurance = £310.00
Internal Audit Fees = £80.00
Flower tubs = £75.00
Newsletter = ££250.00
Contingency Fund = £700.00
Events Budget = nil  (none spent in 2020/21)
Parish Enhancement projects = £1000.00
Grounds maintenance = £350.00

Total = £9700.00 – Less £100 to be deducted from The Chase Account for administration cost 

That the Parish Council Precept upon West Lindsey District Council the sum of £9600.00 for the financial year 2021/22 unanimously Resolved.

90 – 20/21  PLANNING

a    To ratify Parish Council comments made of ‘no objections’ on the following planning applications:-

I    Application 141864 – 96 Wragby Road East – application for removal of existing bungalow and erection of two detached dwellings.

Ii   Application 141818 – 4 Greetwell Court – application for single storey extension
Iii  Application 141813 – Land south of Wragby Road East, North Greetwell – outline application to erect up to three dwellings – all matters reserved.

The comments made be ratified - unanimously Resolved.

b   To discuss and if agreed adopt a Planning Policy – A suggested Policy had been circulated to all members.  That this Policy be adopted unanimously Resolved.

91 – 20/21  CLERKS REPORT

The Clerk reported as follows:-

  • That the new website is now Live.
  • The parish defibrillator has been registered on ‘The Circuit’.  It is linked to the national BHF database.  LIVES will continue to supply pads and batteries.
  • Two new padlocks have been fitted at The Chase - one to a bollard and one to the traffic access gate.   A further replacement lock will be fitted to the second bollard when the damaged lock has been removed.
  • Nettles around the base of the play area fence will be strimmed.
  • That the bus shelter windows were dirty with road grime.  The Clerk was given authority to arrange for them to be cleaned along with the parish notice boards.
  • That the CIL monies received was in connection with the two new dwellings being built at 58 Wragby Road East.




1 February 2021 7.30pm to be held remotely.


Councillors Ian Fleetwood and DC Anne Welburn left the meeting at this point.


Cllr. Ian Fleetwood's – November's brief:
The latest on, what’s happening in the public sector in Lincolnshire.

The Council have no intention of leaving vulnerable children or anyone else to go hungry over holiday periods.
The government has made substantial additional financial support to low-income families to further help them in these difficult times. Lincolnshire County Council also received £835k from the government for additional support for vulnerable people which we have already allocated as follows:
•       additional funding of almost £400,000 to the Lincolnshire Food Partnership to ensure new and emerging local food banks will have grants and support in place to help them to thrive. To find details of your local food bank go to
•       The Council have also given a further £215,000 to the Community Lincs Programme run by the YMCA which support Good Neighbour schemes and food kitchens for communities in Lincolnshire.  You can find schemes in your area here:
•       during the Covid 19 pandemic we've also provided the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (LRF) with £217,000 to bulk purchase food stock to support our most venerable residents."

As always, The Council will respond to requests for support positively and if there are children in need, we will of course act immediately to keep them safe. If people need help then they can contact us on  or 01522 782030 and we will direct you to further support.

Business & Residents Support:
I know we are all concerned about the economic implications on our communities, as a result of measures to tackle the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Many businesses are struggling with re-opening or adapting to new and more limited ways of operating. 
The government's job retention scheme and 'furlough' payments have helped thousands of people and businesses and the chancellor has now outlined his Winter Economy Plan which will see a new Job Support Scheme from 1 December. However, moving into the winter, there may be very difficult circumstances and decisions for both employers and individuals.

I'd like to outline the main support and help that is available both to our residents and to our local businesses during this time. 

For businesses:
- Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub advisors are still on hand to provide advice and guidance, including a diagnostic action plan. They can also signpost to specialists, who can advise on wider issues such as finance management, sales and marketing or supply chains.
Initial points of contact are:
* Toni Obrien (NKDC and CoL)
* Trudy Roberts (ELDC and WLDC)
All can be contacted by emailing or completing the enquiry form on 

- The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is offering a confidential rapid response support service. Webinars explaining this free service are available on the Business Lincolnshire website. There is also a lot of useful information on the DWP employer help website to help employers overcome challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, but also for support if they are making redundancies.
- If redundancies are inevitable, employers can find clear advice about the procedures they need to follow and the rights of employees at .

For residents:
- The DWP rapid response service is available to employees through Jobcentre Plus for those worried about the security of their job, or who have already been made redundant. It helps with things such as writing your CV, benefit advice, training and development options and finding a job. Support with costs like travel to work expenses may also be provided. 
The Jobcentre Plus website also provides a range of information for those looking for work.

- For people considering their career options, the Greater Lincolnshire LEP's world of work website has lots of useful resources and a 'career finder' tool.

- There are several programmes in Lincolnshire to help people who want to start their own business:
* The Prince's Trust 'Better Off in Business' programme for people aged between 18 and 30
* NBV's 'Starting in Business' programme
* The University of Lincoln's 'Growing Graduate Enterprise' scheme for people that have graduated from any university within the last 3 years.

- For people in particularly difficult times, the Citizen's Advice Service is always a good place to start, offering advice on a range of issues including support with Universal Credit. Residents can get support either online at or by calling 0800 144 8 444. Calls are free and lines are open 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

Lincoln Eastern Bypass:
Work to build Lincoln's new bypass is continuing to progress well. In fact, here's our most recent flyover video so you can see the amazing progress that's been made: 
However, there's still a fair bit left to do before the road is ready to open later this year.
Over the next couple months, the team will be working hard to finish installing new drainage and kerbing across the entire route, as well as laying road surfacing, painting white lines, installing road signs and landscaping. The focus will also be on putting the finishing touches on two of the scheme's biggest pieces of infrastructure – the new River Witham Viaduct and the new bridge spanning over the Lincoln to Market Rasen rail line in Greetwell. Both of these massive structures are coming along well, and I think people will be really impressed when they're finally able to drive over both of them.

Broadband and working from home:
Any broadband connection can be used to work from home. If you're looking for a broadband package that is suitable for both work and leisure, and you don't have any special requirements, our recommendation would be to go with the best deal you can find according to the speeds you need. 
Some internet suppliers are taking advantage of the current situation to promote their business broadband packages. There is no need to switch to business broadband for you to work effectively from home. For more information and advice, please see .

Family Learning online courses:
The Adult Skills and Family Learning team are delivering courses online for parents. We're offering free 6-week courses including Power of Play and Be Happy and Healthy for an hour of fun each week with lots games and activities for families. If you want to brush up your own maths skills try our free Calculations without Calculators 5-week course. More information can be found at or #2aspire #familylearning

Make your house a child's long-term home:
There is a real and urgent need for people to come forward specifically to look after children who need a long-term foster family. There are children, including sibling groups who need to be kept together, waiting right now for a loving home where they can feel safe and thrive. If you think you could offer a child this stability until they reach adulthood Lincolnshire Fostering Service would love to hear from you. For more information visit the fostering website or call 01522 554114.

Prevention is better than cure:
Take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones against illness this winter.
First line of defence

Greater Lincolnshire devolution:
The Greater Lincolnshire area devolution bid has not been selected by the Government to progress at this stage, but we have been encouraged to continue working up proposals. We will continue to have further discussions with colleagues in Greater Lincolnshire on the best way forward and we will keep you updated on developments. For more details see the official letter from Luke Hall MP Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government.

Commit to get fit!
If you're looking to get fitter but are lacking in motivation – our healthy lifestyle partner One You Lincolnshire could help you! 'The Other Room' is a Virtual Gym offering a wide range of exercise classes that can be done in the comfort of your own home at varying levels of physical activity. Virtual 1:1 sessions are also available. If you think this could be for you, then please register here

Our Heritage & Culture Services – a new vision:
Lincolnshire County Council has set out plans for the future of its heritage and culture service in Lincolnshire – making it much more accessible for residents to explore and enjoy.
Bigger investment, bolder arts, brighter future