A Pedestrian Crossing for North Greetwell


In February 2020 the Greetwell Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (GNPWG) and Greetwell Parish Council distributed a questionnaire to all residents of North Greetwell seeking their opinions about the need for a traffic-light controlled pedestrian crossing over the A158. 

Members of the GNPWG then returned to collect the questionnaires in early March.


215 Forms were distributed / 117 forms were returned.

(54.4% of forms were returned completed)

In favour of pursuing a campaign for a crossing - 114 (97.4% of those who responded)

Not in favour (no reasons given)  - 3


Question 4 asked which reasons would the respondents select for having a crossing:

* To access local businesses and amenities -  93 (81.5%)

* To access public transport  -  82 (71.9%)

* Dog walking - 47

* Mobile library - 19

* Visiting - 35

* Post box  - 33

A total of 88 respondents would use public transport more if there were a pedestrian crossing (77.19%)

A total of 96 respondents would use local amenities and businesses more if there were a crossing (84.2%)

Suggestions made by residents

1. Could we have ‘no overtaking’ signs on the A158?

2. 30 mph speed limit

3. Footpath on North side of road to link to bus stop

4. Better paths and access to Nettleham

5. Traffic calming measures

Other reasons given for needing a crossing

1. Access to defibrillator (garage/shop wall)

2. Going for walks and cycle rides

3. Access to play parks

4. Collecting newspapers

5. Litter picking

Other comments

* Report of an accident involving a pedestrian and a motorbike

* Report of vehicle written off when attempting to turn into a driveway off the road (multiple accidents?)

* Is North Greetwell a hamlet or a village?

* How would a crossing affect the proposals for a travellers’ site if it was reviewed?

* Not aware of a post box in North Greetwell

* How will pedestrians/cyclists cross the bypass at the junction with the roundabout?

Statistics and comments collated during lockdown